When Should I Take Sildenafil for Best Results?

Sildenafil is sold as Viagra, and it is also an ingredient of а range of other ED medicines. It belongs to PDE5 inhibitors, which help in achieving a firm erection. The med has been used by men all over the world, and it is known that it may work differently for different men and that they are certain factors that can decrease the effectiveness of the drug. That is why before you start using it, you should find out what can be done to ensure the best results.

It takes some time for the drug to start working, and it is recommended to take a pill of sildenafil about one hour before sexual intercourse. However, the following several factors may affect the onset of action and effectiveness of the ED medicine:

  • ✎ Food;
  • ✎ Alcohol;
  • ✎ Sexual stimulation;

Although the medication can be taken with/without food, many men have noted that the best results can be achieved if sildenafil is taken on an empty stomach. Using the drug along with a heavy meal may slow down the activity of the drug. Your digestive system will just be busy working with your food. Fatty foods make it harder for the medication to get into your bloodstream. That is why you should avoid eating them if you plan to use this ED medicine. However, some men have not found it a problem to use the medication along with food. That is why it is recommended to check if food intake delays the effects of the drug yourself. Anyway, to make sure that the medicine will work for you as you expect, it is recommended to wait for about two hours after eating to use it.

Alcohol does not affect the concertation of sildenafil in the blood; however, the substance can affect an erection. If alcohol is used in a little amount, it can improve the mood and help get rid of anxiety, while too much alcohol may become a serious obstacle for achieving an erection. That is why avoiding drinking alcohol if you plan to use sildenafil is a wise decision. However, if you are planning a romantic meeting or any other event when alcohol may be involved, you can allow yourself a little bit, for instance, a glass of wine. Generally, 1-2 units of alcohol are considered allowed to be used along with Viagra.

You should understand that the medication does not cause an erection. Sexual stimulation is an essential factor to start a complicated chemical process in the body resulting in the increase of blood flow in the penis. That is why it is important to ensure that you are properly sexually stimulated.